Friday, November 13, 2009

Custo psychedelic fashion | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

You can recognize his dresses and shirts at a glance. With those acid colors, strong contrasts and geometric shapes, the cloth and those ultra original animal prints, this brand has a unique and personal style. Custo does not go unnoticed!


The Custodio Dalmau Salmon style draws inspiration from Barcelona, the city where the Catalan designer grew up and began his amazing creations. The Catalan capital has always enjoyed the reputation as an international center of new artistic trends at the forefront of the latest inventions. Discover the colorful shop window and the psychedelic Custo models while you take a stroll through Barcelona, one of the most exiting European cities.

Like many other nice stories, the Custos story begins with a fabulous trip. He and his brother David, went on a motorcycle trip to California in the late seventies and he fell in love with the surfer fashion, especially their shirts! At this time the fashion in Spain was not very popular.

When he returned to Barcelona, Custo style born and he opened his first store in 1996: patchwork, stripes, bright and fine fabrics like silk, flowers, Japanese or Hindu iconography … the Catalan designer’s imagination has no limits. You’ll be amazed with his modern and bold graphics and with his unprecedented combinations.

Young, dynamic and innovative as Barcelona is, the brand achieved global fame and received many awards such as the best Spanish brand 2009 and the “Barcelona És Moda 2008 Award”. International stars like Brad Pitt, Claudia Schiffer and Penelope Cruz also admire Custo-Barcelona style. Even his creations appeared on some TV shows as Friends and Sex in the City, lured by its fresh and luxurious creations. Even Barbie has been dressed with the brand: for her 45th anniversary (in 2004), the designer designed her first dress.

During the Fashion Week in New York, Custo presented his new Spring-Summer 2010 collection, whose main concepts are the movement and the lightness of the materials, so he called the parade the “Air Show”. Other countries have been left amazed with his designs, like Italy, that has awarded him with the Fashion Oscar or Kore, or France, that gave him the award to the best year’s designer according to the Marie-Claire magazine. There is even a perfume for men, the Custo Man fragance! Today, there are over 3,000 Custo-Barcelona outlets worldwide and more than 55 shops. In Madrid you will find nine Custo boutiques to have fun.

Do you want to know the best about Custo? In Barcelona there are six different stores, one of them located in the charming Rambla which goes down to the sea. Take a walk along the most famous avenue of the Catalan capital to take a look to the psychedelic Custo clothes. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona and discover the Customania!

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