Friday, November 13, 2009

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Sex, passion, love….at work!

We always complain about our annoying work, about the hectic pace in the office, the stressful bosses, but actually we have a good time at work. Why so? Well it’s easy, the workplace is the centre where millions of persons spend their main part of life and it’s the place where the most personal and intimate relations are initiated. Of course, there is always one of your colleagues who you like in a very special way and who occupies a place of honor regarding the feelings of attraction. You just should change your point of view: while labor tasks are secondary, love, passion, seduction and sex are a lot more important at work!


You don’t have to register anymore at the many online dating websites, or stress yourself trying to be the most brilliant person at the famous speed datings, neither do you have to spend any more money for inviting your possible partners to some drinks. The secret recipe? Well, you should just go in a good mood to work, greet your work-mates in a kind and charming way, and very soon the things will be moving along on autopilot. At the office or in any other workplace we spend the major part of the day with our colleagues. That’s why we get to know them very profoundly, we share the same situations and we solve together emotional conflicts. All those aspects can wake up feelings of love.

However, a lot of persons are afraid of falling in love or having a love affair with a colleague at work. But a Norwegian study has proved that love at work isn’t such a big problem as we may think: the results of this scientific study show that the combination of love, passion and work increases the job performances by the employers who work with more energy and improve with their good mood the working process within the company. And that’s exactly what the bosses want to reach, isn’t it?

At work there can arise many kinds of different relations, whether profound friendships, love adventures, passionate flirts or seductive relationships. In this list spontaneous sex shouldn’t be missed which can be done in almost each place at work: in the office, in the elevator or bathroom, in the car park, in the kitchen…As you can see, it could be very easy to make your erotic dreams come true. And, of course, we all know how relaxed we are after some very intensive moments with our work-mate. It’s just a perfect starting point for working flat out.

If you are a shy person and don’t dare to establish a more intimate relation with your work-mate, why don’t you propose your boss to organize an office vacation? A trip with the company can be very successful and not only concerning for creating a good working atmosphere between the employers…. The Portuguese capital is perfect for spending a relaxed weekend full of entertainment, culture and fun. Rent the best apartments in Lisbon and enjoy a cheap and comfortable accommodation. And who knows, perhaps you will conquer the heart of your secret love….

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