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Men vs. Women

People are weird creatures. Since the very first Homo-sapiens, we see a clear difference between men and women. Even today, the differences between the sexes lead to discussions, misunderstandings and fights in all households, offices and families. But don’t be discouraged, such discussions with your partner are absolutely normal, and besides, it’s scientifically proven: man and women are a strange pair.


But what is it that makes us so different? Some say men come from Mars and women from Venus. According to some it’s because our genetic differences, others blame it on our brain structure. Whatever it is, for now let’s blame biology and social integration for the war between the sexes. We are all sick of these everlasting stereotypes, you know the ones: men shouldn’t cry, woman can’t park; we’ve heard them all before.

The main difference is, of course, communication. Indeed, there has been quite a lot of scientific research done in order to understand how men and women communicate. During a discussion, it might come in handy to know that the other doesn’t always say what they mean. For example, when a woman says “No” she means “Yes”. So the sentence “No, I’m not mad at you” should be translated as “Of course I’m angry at you, moron!” And the one million dollar question “Do you think I’m fat?” doesn’t even require an answer. She’s just fishing for compliments and wants to hear that she’s beautiful. On the other hand, if a man says “I’m hungry”, it means he’s hungry. The same happens with “I’m tired”. But woman, be careful when you take him out shopping: if he says “Yes, it looks really good on you” he means: “take it or hang it back, I don’t care but let’s just get the hell out of here!!” And the there’s the typical male trick to say “Let’s just talk a little”, while he actually means “ I’m trying to impress you with the fact that I’m a deep and sensitive man so you’ll have sex with me.”

After all, it’s a well known fact that men are not big talkers. The sociologist Dianne Hales investigated the linguistic behaviour of both genders, and discovered that women use around 23.000 words per day, while men barely reach half. An explanation for this could be that the language centre is located in different parts of the brain. Women do not only have a much larger language centre, they also have the advantage of both hemispheres of the brain.

So don’t get discouraged by the normal fights and communication problems in your relationship.Just once in a while, try to put yourself in the place of the other, and you’ll see that most situations have a simple solution. But there are also things that both genders have in common: everyone would like to spend a lovely holiday in a charming European city. True, isn’t it? Discover the Hungarian capital and all its wonders. Rent apartments in Budapest, the best choice for cheap and comfortable accomodation.

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