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Do you know that the famous Swedish brand is based on a German inspiration? All the furniture and objects of functional aesthetic with basic geometric shapes that don’t need big spaces and are pleasing to the eye come from the largest school of industrial design of the twentieth century: the Bauhaus School, (The Architecture House: 1919-1933).


Marcel Breuer, Tubular steel chair, design 1928

The German people are organized people, who love nature and who have a practical sence of life. In fact, the Bauhaus can be resumed in a few words : function and harmony according to nature. They use materials such as wood, steel, glass or plastic, to fulfill some research based on transparency, lightness, air, light etc. Photography, design, collages, publications and even the clothing have played an important role in the exaltation of the Bauhaus style.

It has a very special philosophy : they were a group of artists, teachers and students who wanted to create “the cathedral of the future”. It was a master art school of architecture! Walter Gropius (the founder), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy and some women like Marianne Brandt (the creator of the famous teapot) are the most well known personalities who have developed their savoir-faire at The Bauhaus School. To work under the best conditions, they practiced sports and breathing exercises before starting work.

The most emblematic object of the modern industrial design is, without doubt, the Barcelona Chair, invented by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 to serve as a throne to King Alfonso XIII. There are numerous copies of this famous Chair, because the original costs 3,500 euros! Surely you have a table, a lamp or a coffee cup inspired by the Bauhaus style at home. Or maybe you’ve already visited the Temple of Light made of Glass by Mies Van Der Rohe’s or the New National Gallery in Berlin?

The Bauhaus is really fascinating. You should discover it! Book now some tickets to Berlin, where the Bauhaus School has been installed for years. There you’ll see the la Bauhaus Archiv. A few kilometres from the German capital there is the Bauhaus Foundation in Weimar Classic Foundation in Dessau, two cities that hosted the school before it closed under the Nazi regime.

Take advantage of its austere and functional architecture and design – very present in contemporary furniture catalogues 90 years later. Rent Apartments in Berlin and enjoy the best design in history!

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