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Dots and Lines exhibiton in Centro de Arte de Santa Mónica Barcelona | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

Although it’s not a puppet exhibition or about dolls houses or colourful suns painted by a group of kids, the idea isn’t that far away. Punto y Raya (English: Dots and Lines), also called PyR is an abstract art festival in Barcelona which will take place between the 25th and 29th of November. This spectacular event will help you to discover the creative possibilities of dots and lines in different areas of science, art and communication. More than 76 pieces of art, inspired by those geometric forms, will be exhibited in the Centro de Arte de Santa Mónica in Barcelona. And, of course, the entrance is free!


A music partiture, a painting by Kandinsky, a shooting star or a map…all those things can be drawn by simple figures, like dots or lines. PyR eludes the essential parts of the figures in a very simple and effective way with the aim to present creative artistic expressions like videos, performances, workshops, conferences, projections and installations. The great challenge for all festival participants, coming from 45 different cities from all over the world, was to create a project without any figuration. That’s exactly what Kandinsky studied at the beginning of the 20th century. A line can be dynamic and winding, it always has two meanings and one direction. But a line is mainly a succession of infinite points.

The Russian artist had the opinion that ‘There is only one road to follow, that of analysis of the basic elements in order to arrive ultimately at an adequate graphic expression’. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the abstract art and constructivism. He wrote as well the famous book Point and Line to Plane (1926). PyR also recommends to the curious among you the lecture of Flatland: A Romance of many dimensions (1884), a satirical novel by Edwin A. Abbott which tells the lives of geometric figures in a plain world. Furthermore you should read Spaceland: A novel in the fourth dimension (2002) by Rudy Rucker.
If you still have some doubts about the impressive possibilities of dots and lines, then you should visit the second festival’s edition. At the first edition, for example, the committee awarded a video which was created only with toilet paper and black Indian ink. The result was very surprising and impressive. The festival’s organizers have also paved the way for a new art style: the visual music, abstract animation, the so called VJs. A universe which represents the days in which we live because all of those pieces of art have been made with computers.

Discover some of the most creative expressions of contemporary culture in the Centro de Arte Santa Mónica: a spectacular art centre where you can discover the power and limits of technology, ideas, projections, investigations and several materials. Let your five senses run wild and see with your own eyes that a sound can be a colour, a line a real history or a dot thousands of different things…the relationship between form and movement are just fascinating.

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