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Treasure hunt in Venice

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What is a fun holiday with friends without some old fashion games? Whether it is just a weekend trip or a special occasion (25th Birthday, bachelor party…) you will literally die laughing. You need one or two people organizing, they can run with the groups to take funny photos of them or just relax on a terrace with an ice-cream. We are going on a scavenger hunt in the middle of Venice!


How you adapt this game is completely up to you, we will just give you the basics and some cool ideas. Divide your friends into two teams. The teams will have to collect objects and information; they will get 3 points per object, 5 points for every piece of correct information and minus 2 points for any wrong object / info. The losers will pay the drinks tonight! You hand both teams a piece of paper with the items that they have to gather. There is only one rule: they cannot spend money.

A good starting and ending point is the Piazza San Marco. The centre of Venice is pretty compact, so you can lead them to the important places. Here are some ideas of how to lure them to the main sights:

Peggy Guggenheim museum: She was buried next to her twelve dogs. Name 5 of them. (Emily, Baby, Gypsy, Hong Kong, Cappuccino for example)
Saint Mark’s Basilica: How many bronze horses do you see? (4)
Campo Santa Margherita: collect 5 paper napkins, each with a different restaurant name or logo.
• Take a photo of someone in your group with a Venetian mask.
• What is special about the Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto? (It is the oldest church in Venice)
Rialto Bridge: Obtain a souvenir related to the rialto bridge. Remember, you cannot spend money, so be creative!
Doge’s Palace: What is the Bocca Di Leone? Take a photo of the inscription (see photo).
Basílica di Santa Maria Della Salute: which famous artist contributed a self portrait in the Great Sacristy? (The answer is Tintoretto, entrance to the church is for free)
• Ca’ Rezzonico: Get a museum guide in Italian.

Other assignments can include obtaining a used museum ticket, to take a photo in a gondola, to collect five pigeon feathers on St. Mark’s square, get an autograph of a tourist from London or to take a photo of a vaporetti.

Planning a trip to Venice with your friends? This is a unique and fun way to discover the city and meet new people. And why not rent an apartment in Venice, for an affordable stay and more flexibility.

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