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The Freaky Weddings of the Century

Those who still prefer traditional weddings are outmoded. Romantic weddings with white dresses, carriage and doves are part of the recent past. Nowadays are in fashion cool creative ideas as marry riding an elephant in Sri Lanka or making bungee jumping in Australia. Why to get married in the boring town halls or churches? Do you have aroused you curiosity? Do you want to know some original ideas? Here are some examples of the scariest weddings of the century.

Freaky Weddings

The cinematographic world has some influence in our private lives. Some people like the cinema so much that they imitate their favorite main characters in their own weddings. The brides dress with Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Catwoman costumes. These are just some of the craziest wedding of the world. But not only the couple dress with costumes, but also all the guests. A USA couple imitated the Sherk and Fiona wedding, and their guests disguised themselves as ogres and other imaginary figures. Another couple dressed like they were in the Star Wars movie… Let your imagination run wild! What is your favorite movie?

Couples are also very creative when choosing a place to get marry The churches and town halls are outdated and people look more original places. What about a wedding with gravity absence? Don’t worry, you don’t have to negotiate with NASA, since there are different airlines that organize weightlessness flight for 20 seconds. If you have a strong stomach … And what about a wedding over the clouds? In this case, the grooms were fixed on the roofs of two different aircrafts and formalized their union at dizzying heights. They simply had to shout “yes” to the reverend, who was in a third plane, and he formalized the marriage.

Compared with these examples, Las Vegas looks much more boring, but, why not? It is an original way to get married too! If you have not enough with these ideas, what about a gothic wedding? Or maybe you preffer a fetish wedding or a wedding driving a beatiful Harely Davidson?

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