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Some Moon Myths and Facts

Myths of the Moon

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It is said that Diana or Selene, (the goddess of the moon) strongly influences the menstrual cycle, the tides, markets, fisheries, agriculture, moods and many other things. Since ancient times an analogy has been established between the lunar cycle and several events of everyday life. Do astral energies have something to do with human and animal nature?


In the world everything works under the forces of revolution: everything moves at a fixed rate. One of the most famous stories is the one related to the phases of the menstrual cycle, corresponding to a phase of the lunar cycle, in perfect agreement with the average of 28 days (28 days x 13 = 364 days = 1 year approximately).

We can symbolize each phase of the moon with a mood or certain capacities of a woman. And instead of drawing a heart or a star to remember when you have your period, why not draw a small moon!

  • The first moon is the new one, the stage of birth when there is no rule or the beginning. It is the awakening of adolescence whose wisdom is growing like a flower.
  • The crescent moon is when the woman ovulates, the phase of the mother with the power of creation. It provides protection to others, and it is the maternal love that fills the heart.
  • The third is the full moon, the sorceress stage when the ovule is released and the woman becomes beautiful and has a strong sexual power. She knows how to seduce and how to call attention.
  • The last one, the waning moon, is represented by the witch and a certain ugliness because it’s when the woman has the period, and she wants to hide behind a mask.

Is this coincidence or influence? The moon is a mystery to everyone. It also establishes a relationship with the tidal cycle, the crime rate, fertilization periods, feeding and moulting of certain animals.

But the myths about the moon arouse much controversy: it is said that man never stepped foot on the moon. We say “Monday” because we associated the first day of the week with the moon or moon day.

The moon has inspired countless songs, poems, paintings and legends. Its symbolism often evokes fertility, peace, tranquillity, as the sea and its opposite, the Sun, the male star.

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