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What is beauty?

What is beauty?

Oh, this is so beautiful, so sweet and so wonderful! How many times a day do you see beautiful things? Many times we associate beauty with the view: with the symmetrical harmony of the body of a beautiful model, with an idyllic landscape, with the grandeur of a historic monument, with a famous work of art, etc. And why is it that what I find beautiful, you don’t? Even before Jesus Christ, men were asked about its essence and it seems that even today there is no general and fixed definition about it.


Ask two different people what beauty is and they will probably differ or wouldn’t know what to say. To begin, we may ask if we understand that beauty is something visible or is rather something abstract or whether it is transient or lasting, objective or subjective.

A ring may be beautiful, because it has a diamond and it’s made of gold. But when a child gives you a ring made from wild grass, and he approaches you with a huge smile, the ring can be very beautiful too. The poetry of tragedy is also beautiful because it speaks about emotions and passions.

In the fifth century BC, Xenophon, a military man and Greek philosopher, started what was the beginning of discussions about the concept of beauty. He said that beauty could be divided into three categories: the first one is the ideal beauty, based on a symmetrical harmony; the second one is the spiritual beauty, referring to the soul and the third one is the functional beauty, which says that things are beautiful when they are useful.

What if beauty were ugly? Gandhi was not particularly handsome, but he had a huge inner beauty, and it was reflected in one of his quotes: “But all my life though, the very insistence on truth has taught me to appreciate the beauty of compromise”. Many films tell the story of a beautiful girl who does not love the most handsome boy because she falls in love with an “ugly” one.

There are people who do not appreciate the Guernica painting by Pablo Picasso because they dislike the subject of war and death, but this painting is usually defined precisely as the most beautiful of the twentieth century, because it carries the essence of our history in all its glory.

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