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obsessive compulsive disorders

Which is your Worst Mania?

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It may go unnoticed, but you may have a mania that you repeat every day, and even more if you’re under great anxiety, like biting your nails or making noises with your mouth: this is something sudden, rapid and continuous, which has no particular purpose. A person that suffers from manias does not know that he has it and one of the most troubling things is how much it can affect his social or personal life. Do you have a type of mania?

There are as many manias as people, but they can be classified by types: there are some related to order, others which have to do with cleaning, with scruples or with health or safety. There are sound and gesture manias, and also temporary or chronic ones.

Having a tidy house is not uncommon, but it is worrying when the person requires that the objects are placed in a certain place or way, symmetrical and aligned. It also may be a problem when the person is very rigid with timeliness.

Visiting the doctor because one is afraid to be sick or going to the pharmacy for any symptom is a form of mild hypochondria. If this reaches extremes, that may be a mania. Other manias are the fear of shaking hands with another person, the fear of being contaminated or the need to wash ones hands continuously.

The most popular manias are based on the repetition of an observation: Have I closed the door of the car? Have I closed all the windows? Have I turned off the lights? If you need to check again and again that everything is ok, you may have a serious mania or obsessive compulsive disorder.

Daily life can become a nightmare for some people. To know if you have a compulsive disorder personality, pay attention to these striking symptoms: if you have a serious preoccupation for every single detail, if you need to write a list for everything you do or if you are such an extreme perfectionist that you lose the final goal of your activities. The excessive perfectionism, an absolute dedication to work that excludes social relationships and leisure, inflexibility and the moral scrupulousness may lead you to a compulsive disorder personality. Other signs include the inability to throw useless and worthless sentimental objects, saving money to cope with future disasters, or a rigid and stubborn character.

The origin of these disorders is often identified by anxiety, fear, stress, frustration, boredom or depression. It usually occurs during childhood, because a person suffered a traumatic event like the death of a loved one or family member or a strong self-esteem complex. The mania usually disappears when sleeping.

If you feel too nervous, try to do some relaxing activities and talk about your concerns with people close to you or with a professional. We also recommend a trip to recharge your batteries and to clear your mind. Venice is the perfect city! Rent Apartments in Venice, they are cheap and comfortable. . Forget about your worries and manias and just focus on the trip.

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