Thursday, January 28, 2010

Say Goodbye to Happy Hour in Barcelona

Since last November, the “2 for 1” formula, the free drinks and “happy hour” have been prohibited in bars and clubs in Barcelona. A measure taken by Health Public Law hopes, with all this, to prevent addictions and some other negative consequences derived from the consumption of alcohol. To break this law, it may cost these pubs up to 6.000 euros, or even the closure of the establishment in case they reoffend.


Irish Pubs used to be the most enthusiastic with this “happy hour” practice, which used to be between 6 pm to 8 pm, when drinks cost cheaper, or even half price.

To many consumers, this measure will probably not affect them in any way, due to “happy hour” beginning and ending too soon for those who start drinking after dinner. On the other hand, this practice was very popular indeed among young tourists who visit Barcelona and who are used to paying much more money for a drink in their own countries.

This law joins the next Anti- tobacco Law, which is much more restrictive than the current law. With this new law, smoking will be forbidden in any public place, including, of course, bars and pubs, just like other European countries such as Italy or Ireland. Along with it comes the decision to finish with the “lateros” (street sellers, who offer cheap beer illegally).

Perhaps somebody will cry over these losses, but this is not reason enough to not keep enjoying all the varied offers of leisure time in the city and at a reasonable price. Maybe this measure will contribute to the decreasing of the irresponsible consumption of alcohol among young people.

Public health versus cheap fun (most of all in crisis periods), controversy is thus served. One piece of advice: Barcelona is much more than “happy hour” and “2 for 1”. There are a hundreds of delightful bars for all kinds of budgets where you can have fun with your friends. Don’t hesitate and make your booking at Apartments in Barcelona, a different way to stay which is far away from the impersonal hotels. Discover the exciting Barcelona night life and have a great time, too.

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