Someone rings the bell of your home… they are your friends; it’s a miracle, they’ve come on time! You still do not know what to wear and you have to tidy the flat to make them feel comfortable. You hide the fragile objects, cover the sofa, hide your flatmates stuff, and so on. So, now everything is safe … Are you absolutely sure? When a group of people gather, they drink alcohol and the sound of music envelops the bodies, it can be difficult to leave the place just as it was.


In general, when one decides to invite people home, one knows that it’s quiet difficult to keep everything ok. The worst thing you can imagine is that your computer keyboard disappears, or it gets full of beer and cigarette ashes, the WC cover breaks, the neighbour asks your friends to leave or that he has just called the police.

But a party is not always synonymous with garbage; it depends on the people with whom you gather: if they are known or unknown people, if they drink a lot of alcohol, if they are responsible… Sometimes you get good surprises and everything goes well: no glasses are dropped on the carpet, the cat has not run away, sofa hasn’t been slashed and the curtains are still hanging. Despite being drunk, you have to tidy the minimum and wrap everything in bags so that the kitchen is accessible and enjoyable enough for the next day and so you don’t have to tread on spilled wine.

To avoid shocks, you do not have to invite the friends of your friends. Tell your roommate – who is responsible of the flat that if someone breaks anything, he will take charge of the repairs. And if you fear for your computer, you’d better hide it. Because everything could happen when one has consumed alcohol and is in an extreme state of euphoria. But relax; you have to enjoy the party too!

Then the next morning arrives. You just got out of bed, open your dry mouth and try to walk with a terrible headache to the bathroom. You do not recognize it! If you are on your own you’ll probably die in the intent to clean the place up, but if you’re with some friends, who have slept over, ask them for help! Suddenly, some memories of the last night invade your mind: suddenly you remember you had the wise idea to dance on the table… Why are there so many glasses with alcohol remains in the bathroom? Ah yes, that’s when we played ….. We will have to throw away everything and wash the floor twice. For best results, take pictures before and after the party, the transformation can be amazing!

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