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Tips on avoiding hangovers

The Worst Hangover Ever And How to Beat It

You lie in your bed and try to open your eyes. It’s difficult, because as soon as you open half an eye, you become aware of a severe throbbing headache. Your throat is sore and dry. Moaning and groaning you try to sit up. Wow, a little dizzy, but nothing compared to the sudden wave of nausea that follows. You stumble to the bathroom, and feel like you are going to die. And all you can think is: I WILL NEVER EVER DRINK AGAIN.


When we are celebrating, partying or just hanging out with friends, we like to have a drink or two – even three. And then the moment arrives when you go to the bathroom, sit down, and say to yourself: “Oh God, I am so drunk…” By then it’s usually too late anyway, so you keep on drinking, say some things that you know you’ll regret the next morning, and then (without knowing how) you arrive home where you fall into bed without bothering to take out your contact lenses or remove your make-up. And the next morning, you feel more dead than alive.

Unfortunately, even after all these years there still doesn’t exist a miracle cure for hangovers. But not all hope is lost; here are some tips and tricks to beat the monster! First rule: be prepared. Put a bottle of water and some painkillers on your night table. Leave the door open so fresh air can enter into your bedroom. But the most important is to drink a few glasses of water before going to sleep as alcohol dehydrates your body.

If you wake up with a headache, avoid ‘heavy’ painkillers like ibuprofen. Your stomach is empty and sensitive, so the best option is to take a tablet that you can dissolve in water. Try to eat something with it; the best thing is to drink some soup as you’ll feel much better afterwards. Don’t go back to bed, you’ll feel even groggier when you wake up. Better to spend a lazy afternoon on the sofa.

Some say a raw egg in the morning is the secret (because eggs contain cysteine, which is said to reduce the toxic effects of alcohol) but the idea alone is enough to make us vomit. The oldest trick in the book, however, is to drink more alcohol although we don’t advise you to try it out. Just trust us on this one, it doesn’t work.

Are there any methods to avoid a hangover? Sure, don’t drink. And if you do, don’t mix your drinks. ‘Beer after wine and you’ll feel fine, wine after beer and you’ll feel queer’ is what they say, but if you start with one kind of alcohol, stick with it. According to a study by the Brown University, dark alcohol (Bourbon or Whiskey) produces a worse hangover than clear alcohol (like vodka).

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