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Facebook, Your Life in Pictures on the Internet

Facebook, Your Life in Pictures

Posted by milanblogger | milan | Wednesday 27 January 2010 12:25 pm

Social Network services, could you imagine your life without them? Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, Hyves or LinkedIn, we are addicted to them. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with family and friends; we post sweet messages on their walls and proudly upload our holiday pictures so others can comment on them. We think nothing of throwing names, photos and birthdates of our children online and through our status updates we let the world know what we are doing 24 hours a day. But some recent newspaper articles have shown that nothing goes on without consequences…


Less than a week ago some furious Facebook users phoned the police when they saw the photo which a teenage mom posted to her profile. It showed her 6 month old baby with an (unlit) cigarette in his mouth. The 18 year old from Essex (UK) probably thought it was funny, but now faces a visit from social services.

If you and I should think twice about certain things, that certainly goes for celebs. And even more so if your name is Katie Price (better known as Jordan). She recently divorced pop singer Peter Andre, and had a big New Year’s Eve party at her house. There were a lot of guests, a lot of alcohol and Jordan’s children of 4 and 2 years old. Some party people posted photos on Facebook, which showed the toddlers in the background looking sleepy and confused as people around them were dancing and getting drunk. Later that night a fight broke out while the children were sleeping nearby. Jordan’s ex, Peter Andre, was furious when he found out and the glamour model now risks losing custody.

The story of Craig Lynch, who escaped from a prison in Suffolk (UK) in September 2009 is just as crazy. For more than 3 months he managed to stay out of the police’s hands, but he regularly kept on updating his Facebook status. He became very popular, having more then 1200 friends. On Christmas day, he posted a photo of himself with a turkey and the comment: “Wow, it really is Xmas. Ha, ha. I can’t believe I made it. **** the police.” He was captured two weeks later. Something similar happened to Lizzie Tams, who was free on bail and fled to France. She made arrangements through Facebook to meet her children at the airport in Nice. Unfortunately, the police was also monitoring her profile, who arrested her and put her on the first flight back to prison.

But luckily there are also some beautiful stories. In September 2009, an Australian who was on holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos found a camera on the beach. He created the Facebook group ‘Needle in a Haystack’, where he posted in order to contact the owner. It became a real buzz and more than 250.000 people joined. And two months later, he succeeded: the camera belonged to Marie, a girl from London who lost her camera during a vacation with friends.

With some common sense, a bit of responsibility and caution you have absolutely nothing to fear. But keep in mind that once you throw something on the internet, it is not so easy to control it. Of course, if you have some beautiful pictures from your last city trip, we’d love to see them. Italy for example. Rent the best apartments in Milan, and smile for the camera!

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