Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blondes are not that dumb anymore

Blondes are not so dumb!

It has always been thought that blondes are dumb… Who has not ever heard of this topic? The image of a blonde, shallow, very cute, but silly girl is widely known. But nothing could be further from the truth! Today, the myth has fallen. Blondes have rebelled against the stigma that has always neglected and ridiculed them. Some scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of The United States and of the University of California assure that the blonde women are more determined and more aggressive than the red-heads or the brunettes, which gives them a clear advantage when it comes to obtaining their goals or going in search of work. Who are the fools now? Not the blondes!


The study also concluded that women with blond hair get more attention and that they are treated better by the people. To figure this out, the researchers examined 156 students with blond hair, and corroborated that all of them, both natural and the dyed blondes, have a more warlike attitude than women with other hair colours.

Aaron Sell, the study director, also said that California is the “natural habitat of privileged blondes” as there the golden girls “have more rights than other women.” Incredible! On the other hand, they have indicated that the better you treat a woman, the more confident she feels, and she’ll gain initiative and self-sufficiency. As a result, blondes are more inclined to be aggressive in achieving social objectives.

Ingrid Collins, a researcher of the Psychology Medical Centre in London, has contested the study assuring that the conclusions are very interesting, but unreliable since the study was conducted within a very limited group of people and should not be generalized.

Have you ever felt discriminated for being blonde? It’s over! Attention, women of the planet because the blondes are out to get us! If you do not want to lose out, run to your nearest hair salon and dye your hair blonde. And to show your feminine wiles, travel to Budapest. Find some affordable and comfortable accommodation by renting Apartments in Budapest. You will not regret it.

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