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High heels, the hottest invention of the 20th century

High heels, the hottest invention of the 20th century

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The shorter the skirt is, the shorter the high heels should be. And the longer the dress is, the higher the high heels should be. That’s the first rule! High heels not only shape our legs, but also draw admiration from the guys. Many men have a fetish of high heels! With Cinderella we knew that high heels would be very important in our seductive lives…


Platform, needle, block, tapered, blade, wedge, cowboy boots, booties, pompadour… these are different types of high heels and one is perfect for you. Did you knew that the origin of the high heels date back to the fifteenth century? Men were the first to wear them (especially smaller people) to get on the horseback.

Today, you can see many women trying to walk with high heels, as the urban streets are not always adapted to “ride high”. Who has not heard of a woman who twisted her ankle because her high heel got caught in a drain or something similar? High heels are a symbol of femininity and sensuality, but they can also be a trap.

It is not recommended wearing high heels every day because your feet will be damaged. They can have terrible effects on your back and warp your toes. Many people hate their feet because they find them the ugliest part of their body, but this is not a reason to mistreat them.

You should buy the perfect high heels for you and you should feel comfortable in them. And if you are not really a high heeled person why not give them an opportunity: try with some low ones and build yourself up to the higher ones. With jeans, high heels and a t-shirt you’ll look beautiful! In addition, the designers are working hard to offer you the best high heels…you should wear them at least once in your life. Keep your balance though!

Why not try your new high heels on a trip to Malaga? And if you definitely do not feel comfortable with them, admire the most passionate dance of the world: the flamenco. Invite your partner or some friends and rent Apartments in Malaga, everything will be unforgettable.

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