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Sex and the European Union

The Sexual Benefits of the European Union

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We travel much more than ten years ago. Nowadays, we think nothing of taking the plane on a Friday after work, to spend the weekend in Spain, and come back Sunday evening to work again on Monday morning. It’s easier to travel, to emigrate, to meet people from other cultures and even love doesn’t have boundaries anymore. The sea of love suddenly became a lot bigger, so how do you know you picked the right fish? Don’t underestimate the importance of some good sex! Get ready for some spicy statistics!


There has been a lot of discussion whether Turkey should join the European Union or not. Well, we don’t know about politics, but when it comes to sex, things don’t work in their advantage. According to the university of Utrecht, Turkish men ejaculate faster than anyone else in Europe, with an average of 4,4 minutes. Spanish men take about 4.9 minutes, Germans resist 6.5 minutes. And even though 40% of British guys suffer from premature ejaculation, they do quite a lot better than the other countries, with an average of 10 minutes!

So you might think it’s easy, this year you’ll try some British love. You might want to reconsider as the average Brit has had sex with 2.8 million people. Lloyd’s Pharmacy has developed a calculator system, called ‘Sex degrees of separation’ which calculates how many people you (indirectly) had sex with. Because if you sleep with someone, indirectly you also sleep with their previous partners and those people’s previous partners and so on. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Enough about men, what about women? If you’re into something a little more kinky, you might want to book a holiday to the Netherlands. Fifty percent of the Dutch women claim they sometimes practise anal sex. Or of you like toys, it might be interesting to know that 6 out of 10 Belgian women prefer a purple vibrator. Why? God knows. When it comes to the British, 75% of the women in a steady relationship say they prefer to drink a couple of glasses of wine before heading with their hubby to the bedroom. And 9 out of 10 never go on a first date without drinking something alcoholic before.

But nothing beats the survey of Onepoll, who asked women from 20 countries to rate their experiences with other nationalities, and clarify their answers. So, who are the worst lovers? Russians and Germans! Russians are said to be too hairy, while Germans smell bad. Also, avoid the Greeks (too sentimental) and Scotsmen (too rough). But of course, what is more interesting is the list of best lovers! The top five exists of Irish (those flushed cheeks are not because of the fresh air), French (Mon amour), Italians (Ti amo!), and Brazilians (Because they do it to the rhythm of the Samba?) and the first prize goes to… Spain! Apparently, a Spanish lover is the best you can get!

Think about it: a hot, sunny afternoon on a pleasant beach with tanned, muscled boys with dark hair and mysterious eyes who invite you for a drink in a bar near the sea. Or, stunning brunettes with long hair, sensual moves and endless eyes. Whether you are looking for a holiday fling or the love of your life, Spain is where it’s at. Rent the best apartments in Malaga, and enjoy your hottest and most passionate holiday in years!

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