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Sex and food - two pleasures

Sex and food, two pleasures that go hand in hand

Posted by paris | paris | Thursday 28 January 2010 12:49 pm

Sex and food are two basic human needs that are intimately linked. To eat, to drink and to love… who has never enjoyed such a wonderful combination? Open your mind to pleasure and enjoy the best food and the best sex at the same time. Cook thinking about you and your lover’s pleasure: prepare an erotic atmosphere with dishes that incite the carnal act. Forget the aphrodisiac recipes, of doubtful effectiveness, and focus on the art of cooking and eating to feel and convey pleasure.


To seduce with food is an art. How about a dinner that begins on the table and ends in bed? Prepare the room for the occasion: place small dishes with fruit, chocolate, cream, jam, syrup… and do not forget something to drink (tea, spirits, wine or champagne are the perfect beverage). Use your partner’s body to try each and every one of the delights. Any part is valid: breasts, navel, genitals, mouth or neck.

Ice can be another highly erotic element. Using ice when kissing your partner can be an explosive mix. Let the cube melt between your lips. Play passing it from one mouth to the other, until it melts completely and let your tongues do the rest.

But kissing can go much further. The first kiss in the sexual act is comparable to the first bite of a delicious meal. Kissing is the same as eating; you have to bite, to suck and to taste… why not mix the pleasure of a kiss with the pleasure of a meal? Try the kisses wet in champagne or give your lover to try your lips dipped in any type of food: chocolate, fruit, anything goes!

How about an orgy of flavours among your lips? Try to combine sweet flavours like jam, cream, syrup or candies with warm and cold elements: ice cream, hot cake or flavoured ice cubes.

After all that food you are sure to get a bit dirty. Also take advantage of this to further lengthen the pleasure. Use perfumed water to wash yourself and your partner’s body in the most erotic way you can. Or if you prefer it, you can have a shower together.

Can you think of a better place to enjoy all these pleasures other than in the city of lights? The French capital waits for you with its finest delicatessens. Rent Apartments in Paris and taste the delights.

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