Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sitges Carnival

The charming village of Sitges, just outside Barcelona, is not only famous for being one of the most popular gay destinations in Spain, but also for its colourful and lively carnival. Up to a quarter of a million Catalans, Germans, Britons and other Europeans will crowd the city for an entire week. At the Sitges carnival anything goes! Festivities commence on the Thursday before Lent with the arrival of the King of the ‘Carnestoltes’ and ends with the Burial of the Sardine on Ash Wednesday. Sitges is a town of revelers, and Carnival is the festival of all festivals.


Devils, angels, indians, cowboys, drag queens, pirates… During the Carnival, thousands of masks and costumes take to the streets to live these intense days of celebration, where the imagination and joy are felt everywhere.

During the carnival days the town of Sitges is governed by the ‘Carnestoltes’, (the king of the Carnival), with the collaboration of the Queen of the Carnival. Throughout this week dozens of social and cultural events are held, such as the famous carnival parade (‘Rua de l’extermination’) with floats, bands, etc. Thousands of disguised people run and dance of one side to another to the sound of music.

Among all the acts, the election of the Queen and the Infantile Queen of the Carnival, stand out which are present in all the important acts of the carnival, together with the King Carnestoltes. During Carnival week the ‘Xatonades’ are prepared, (a typical dish of xató and omelette), characteristic of the area and a characteristic at this time of year.

This year the carnival will be held between 11th and 17th February and the city is already putting on its best clothes to greet the thousands of spectators eager for fun. Nobody wants to miss the dances and the Xatonades, as well as the two evening parades: the Sunday Parade, known as “Rua de la Disbauxa” (Rampage Rua) and the Tuesday Parade, called “Rua de l’extermination” (Rua of Extermination). But these celebrations are not only for adults, but for children too. The evening parades are specially designed for them…

Come on; do not leave your costumes at home! Dive into the world of imagination and become a different person for a few days: a rock star, an astronaut even Kermit the Frog…anything goes! At the Sitges Carnival, fun is guaranteed! To find the best accommodation, rent apartments in Barcelona, and enjoy your stay in the city.

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