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Soulmates: reality or utopia?

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Sometimes it seems to be that we are some kind of main protagonist in a typical Hollywood movie: different love stories, drama, tragedy, you´re happy and sad at the same time, and you can´t stopp searching for the right answer in your life. And then they´re also talking about this big, terrific and frightening feeling: the soulmates. But do they really exist or do we just invent something pretending to have found the right thing in life?


The contact to other people and the searching for the CORRECT person seem to be the most important lifelong tasks of everyone. We meet persons where we feel in the first moment a kind of hate, little or normal sympathy or this kind of person where you only can say “wow” and you feel deeply connected to that someone. The most curious thing is that you can´t even explain this feeling and certainly not if you know this person for only some minutes. This strong connection to someone can be considered more than to win the lotterly. To be understood without many words, to let yourself flow without being afraid of being rejected, or just to enjoy together the silence where you can read the others mind just looking at her or his face. Just to be as you are, this sounds too good to be real, right?

You really can break your head thinking about this feeling. And what about you? Have you already found a kind of soulmate? In this context It’s also very interesting to reflect about the relation to destiny or coincidences. Is it predicted in life to find your soulmate or is it pure coincidence to have met the right person? Or is it our instinct leading us to this special person? Millions of questions to which everyone has his or her special and personal opinion and experience.

And when you really have found your soulmate, does this automatically mean that you can have the perfect love partnership with that person? This is as well a very delicate topic. Depending on each situation and characters, those relationships will go very well or not. The strange thing is that this feeling of being deeply connected can change with being partners because we suddenly behave in a different way. God knows why! We human beings can be so stupid sometimes, because changing the behaviour just because of being together is big nonsense. Why don´t we just enjoy the moments and stop thinking about million of things? Women are mainly known to be the best in racking their brains over the never-ending fears.

The most important thing in life is very simple: you always should be loyal to yourself and keep your eyes open. With this positive attitude you will go with a big smile through the complicated life. To spend some holidays in a nice place, is surely the best way of enjoying life. What about some days in the breathtaking eternal city? Rent the best apartments in Rome and spend a comfortable and economic stay in the “open-air musem”.

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