Thursday, January 14, 2010

perfect body

New Year … HORROR! Where has gone my hot body?

2009 was a great year. Finally you got to stop smoking, you make out with the hottest boy/girl of the neighbourhood and, the best of all, you lose those extra kilos until the dammed Christmas came, of course…). It is true that you had set the firm intention of not testing a single piece of nougat but, who can resist? It is so delicious! And overall … it is just a little bit … and another … and another. Well, it seems that someone has jumped the diet!

perfect body

The Christmas excesses invoice you. The Christmas menus are too abundant and if we add them the appetizers, the desserts and the alcohol, they come to the point of excessive. The calories roam around your body happy to settle wherever they like: in men’s belly and buttocks, thighs, waist and hips of women. Our body is completely unable to assimilate so much protein, fat and toxin in such a short period of time. And if eating in excess is a usual practice in Christmas, the heavy drinking also tends to accompany it.

Sure in New Year’s Eve you drank too much champagne, until you lost track of time… Well, you should know that the alcohol has a tremendous amount of calories! Watch what you drink or you will lose more than your figure.

And you’re still surprised when you can’t zip your trousers up? The strange thing is that the scale does not run away when it sees you entering in the bathroom with the intention to weigh yourself after the christams holidays! So, what should I do now? Do you want your hot body back? Follow these little tips and your figure will come back in a few months:

• Avoid eating meat (especially the red one): whenever you can, replace it with fish, which is much more digestible. If you do not like fish, white meats like chicken or turkey should be your main allies. And remember, always grilled, not fried! You should also avoid cured meats like salami or chorizo and other meats like pork or lamb, which are much more indigestible and have more toxins.
• I love you, green: eat more lettuce and vegetables …
• Drink herbal teas: the infusions are the invention of the century: they are purifying, diuretic and help in the digestion. Oh, and saccharin better than sugar! Avoid the coffee (it increases the dehydration).
• Drink a lot of water: your skin and your body needs at least ½ litters of water a day …
• Try to dinner as soon as possible: do not eat copious dinner and do not go to bed immediately after dinner. Make a two-hour digestion, approximately.
• Move your body: the most important, do exercise! To do some exercise will help you to eliminate the kilos that you picked up at Christmas and will bring enormous health benefits.

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