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Boring in bed

Is the anti Kama Sutra around you?

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You take the high heels off, the panties go flying, your lips meet, your hands are anxious and don’t know where to start exploring and suddenly your bodies entwine and adopt the first Karma Sutra position that comes to mind… This is just the beginning of the story, followed by many other adventures. Maybe you’ve arrived to this common moment – but less discussed in public, which title could be: boredom in bed. What are you thinking of? Surely you imagine intimate scenes, fantasies and desires that your body demands more than ever. If the show does not satisfy you sexually, you have to take action!

Boring in bed

When one meets alone with his friends and discuss about sex, one can hear things like: “It’s great, it’s always different; “we are so tired when we arrive home that we just want to sleep”; “the chemistry is great between u s”; “this is the first time I feel something like this” or “I’m boring, I do not know what to do”, and so on. Feeling bored in the bed with your partner may have very different origins.

If you take too much time with the same partner, you don’t have to be ashamed or feel unsure of your fantasies: the communication should be the best ally of your relationship. Is not this the case? Sometimes one is not boring, but is repressed. Learning and sharing is perhaps the best of sex.

Some people say that if you bored with your sexual life because you also get bored in your everyday life. The same happens if you eat every day your favourite dish, after some time you’ll hate it. The sex is like everything else, it has to be pampered. With or without salt? Spicy better! Others talk about the chemistry that prevails between the two partners… Precisely in that chemistry is the key to overcome the boredom and not choose other easy solutions as a lover…

It may also have to do with the loss of desire, which is often dealt with these kind of tips: wear sexy or edible lingerie, do erotic massage or tantra, outdoor sex practices elsewhere, a striptease, etc. But the most important thing is a good communication, spontaneity, passion and creativity. Conform, no! Propose and surprise, yes! You’ll see that everything will become more exciting and pleasurable.

Once you’ve learn your partner’s body, his/her erogenous areas, the confidence will increment and the sex will become more tender, entertained and intense. The outcome of the chapter is in your imagination, your instincts and your fantasies.

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