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6 Nations Rugby Championship Rome

6 Nations Rugby Championship 2010

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In 2009, the Irish shouted ‘Go Irish’ so much that their team became the champion of the 6 Nations Rugby Championship. And from February 6th until March 20th, its players, together with those of Britain, France, Wales, Italy and Scotland, will face each other again in this year’s championship. So, to all the rugby fans; you can not miss it! If you come to the Flaminio stadium in Rome on 15th and 27th February, you will have the opportunity to attend two amazing matches of this sensational European sporting event (Italy / England and Italy / Scotland). Come on!


Sport has this amazing power to attract the masses and bring them together under the colours of their country, to arouse strong feelings and encourage the fraternity. For these reasons, many people watch the matches at this tournament with a beer in a bar, at home with some friends or in the stadium.

Julien Dupuy, one of the stars of the French team can not play because he is sanctioned for injuring Stephen Ferris, the third-line player of the Ulster team in the Heineken Cup in December. Julien Dupuy may not play again until 27th May.

All the other players are preparing for the glory. The trophy, awarded to the winning team is a cup made of more than five kilos of sterling silver that can hold exactly five bottles of champagne. It has a specially designed edge for drinking without any problems. At first its inside was made of silver, but the champagne has damaged it so much that is was covered with a layer of 22 carat gold to protect it. The French were the first to win it in 1993.

If your friends have followed the event with passion for years, but you do not understand anything, why not take some notes. Two points for a victory, one point for a draw and none for a loss. There is no bonus system. Easy, right? And another thing: if a team wins every game, we call it a “Grand Slam“, and if it comes in last, it wins the “Wood Spoon”.

There is also a female tournament! It is organized at the same time of the men’s competition with the top six women’s national teams in Europe.

Now you know a little bit more about this event. Take advantage of the two matches that will take place on Rome the 15th and 27th of February to visit the Italian capital. Rent apartments in Rome along with your friends or family, they are cheap and comfortable.

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