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How to decorate your home by recycling

How to decorate your home by recycling

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You’ve just moved in to your new apartment. It doesn’t matter if you bought it (congratulations!) or if you’ve rented it, your wallet is probably empty right now and your bank won’t give you any other loans. Either way, your flat has just the basic furniture: kitchen, bed, a closet, some shelves… The table is so tiny that you only can use it for a romantic dinner, but forget about a dinner with some friends!


How might you improve the aspect of your apartment without spending too much money? Recycling! Reuse recyclable materials and you will obtain great results. I bet on the dinning room ceiling a solitary sad light bulb is hanging without any lampshade. Why not to rescue the broken lamp from the previous flat? Take advantage of the old wiring and shade. You can also collect empty water bottles, and with a bit of patience convert them into original lamps. You just have to cut the top and the bottom and make a hole for passing the cable. Buy some nice paper, wrap the bottle and … done! The only investment is the bulb, which should be an energy efficient light bulb of course.

Light is very important, and now you have a more welcoming atmosphere, what else is missing? A real table and a sofa! You have noticed that the people upstairs are renovating and that they are changing the doors… Ask if they can give you an old one. Remove the handle, get two cheap easels, paint it and you will have a beautiful new table. To a get a comfortable sofa you don’t have to spend too much money either. To find a few pallets is easy enough: they will serve as a basis. Then you only will need to find a mattress (ask an aunt or a friend if they have an old one that they don’t use) and use it for the couch.

In general, any plastic container can be reused for other functions: some may serve as planters. Paint some tomato cans and transform them into very original pencil cases and you can use the windows as picture portraits…

Now that you have some ideas on saving money, why not reinvest it in a trip to somewhere nice? Have you always dreamed of going to the capital of Italian design? With the savings, you can buy a cheap plane ticket and rent cheap  Milan apartments. Perhaps the trip will give you new ideas for your creations!

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