Friday, January 29, 2010

Summoning Forth the Child Within

Summon Forth the Child Within

“One, two, three… are you ready? Where are you? I’m going to find you, no matter where you are…” Wow, what beautiful memories of our childhood! If you’ve forgotten how much fun it was, we invite you to become the child inside you. Ladies and gentlemen, from now on you will become children again.


How good it would be to be a child again, feeling that you can laugh about everything, enjoying the magic of life’s little details and using your imagination. Who would refuse an afternoon in the snow for hours? It’s so fun! Who does not like the sensation of a tickle? Play creating castles in the sand, race your bike with a friend; eat with a spoon instead of a fork… Everything is valid! It’s like being reborn. This year, don’t forget the child you have inside!

But even adults have their own games, which are different (with other sources of pleasure and fun). There are numerous sex toys, for example! And how many men are mesmerized by a video game, how many have fun playing football with their children or family board games? Over the years, we tend to become more serious, responsible and a bit cold and we lose the charm of the simple things of everyday life.

The adults learn from their mistakes every day. In relationships, how many times have we played hide and seek?

If you’ve never seen the French film Love Me If You Dare (2002), with the famous actress Marion Cotillard, you should see it. In this film, Julien says to Sophie:

Julien Jeanvier: You know… there were lots of things I was game for that you never said.
Sophie Kowalski: Like?
Julien Jeanvier: Eating ants… insulting the unemployed… loving you like crazy.
[they kiss]

To feel like a child allows us to relax, to lose a bit of shame, to have less fear of danger… Laugh about yourself and keep your spontaneity will make you immune to the difficult things in life. How good it would be to have a magic wand and to travel anywhere you wanted! Nothing is impossible…

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