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Minimalism Painting

Minimalism, painting silence

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In the space of 15 years, American art has moved from Pop Art through Abstract Expressionism and has reached the extreme simplification with Minimalism. It is during the decade of the 60s when this abstract art trend develops – characterized by the complete elimination of any human representation.


The evolution of art is tremendous: during the Renaissance they could spend months painting the face of an angel; the Impressionists were concerned about the visual impressions, the light and the colour; the Surrealists worried about the unconscious and the Abstracts about the colour. Over the years, the art has become “ordinary”: it concerns itself with everyday life, about the insignificant things and about spiritually.

The dematerialization of art – according to Lucy Lippard and John Chandler, functions as the analysis of the changes that characterize the contemporary art. The artists focus on the disappearance of the object, in favour of the concept. Therefore, art is an idea.

It has often spoken about the secrecy of abstract art, because it is an art that does not represent anything recognizable, but refers to a human emotion or an investigation into the art itself.

Ad Reinhardt is considered the father of the minimal and the conceptual art. His work begins with geometric compositions and works in different shades of the same colour. His paintings were called “black” because they seemed to be almost black monochrome fabrics. The poetry of these works lies in a search of the absolute and of the transcendental dimension of the colour.

Another reductionist artist like Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt and Robert Morris were interested in lines and volumes from the standpoint of the perception. In the work of Dan Flavin, the protagonist is light: he works with standard fluorescent lights and industrial lights.

In general, they do not give titles to their works because they believe that they determine the interpretation of the spectators. They prefer that the public perceive and interpret the work themselves.

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