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How do you cure love sickness

How do you cure love sickness

Of course, love is one of the most beautiful things in the world: butterflies in the stomach, your whole body is shaking with excitement, you are flying on cloud nine… and then? Well, as you see everything through rose-coloured glasses, you can also fall off this cloud nine very fast and very deep. Lovesickness is just one of the most horrible things in life: spending the days without stopping to cry, uncountable tissue boxes, a lot of chocolate and ice-cream, depressions and a lack of enthusiasm. But, my dear friends, in spite of sadness and heartache, lovesickness also provokes positive aspects. You should only learn how to appreciate them. But how exactly can we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel?


Your partner leaves you after many years of an intensive relationship, you´re desperately in love with someone, who doesn’t feel the same way, or you are in a relationship but you can’t stop thinking of another very special person in your life… As you can see, lovesickness can occur in different ways. The question is how to handle it and what you can learn from all these heartbreaking pangs of distress. Here’s a few details for consolation: On average the worst pain will be got over after four weeks and a broken heart will be cured normally within 15 months.

The first step of getting over a break up is without a doubt to stick to what you feel: Let it all out! Whether by screaming, crying, writing or playing music…you can express your sadness in many different ways. The most important thing is not to bottle everything up, because doing so you will explode soon or later. The next step is to banish all kinds of memories from your ex. Almost everyone has a little box under the bed or in the attic containing cuddly toys, love letters and fotos of romantic moments of the past. Believe me, one day you’ll be able to open that box and smile instead of crying, while looking at those old times. So what about now? Now you should only think of yourself, and this has nothing to do with egotism. Pamper yourself, entertain yourself, start new projects you always wanted to do, think positive and start each day with a big smile on your face. To always have a bad conscience and rack your brains over what you have done to your ex, is just very silly. Everyone is responsible for his or her own life, so concentrate on yourself!

Good friends and family help perfectly as mental support for overcoming this crisis. Even though you feel so alone at times and lonesome with your problems, there’s always someone to lean on. Take lovesickness as a new beginning! Give your life a new direction. Be Yourself: An original is always worth more than a copy.

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