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Metrosexual Men Today

Todays Metrosexual Men

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“Honey, where’s the conditioner? The one which smells so good! And my face foam made of chamomile and grape seeds? I need a haircut, now I can’t comb it… and it is so dry…” Oh, man, how funny you are when you worry about your body! Increasingly, most men are caring more about their physical aspect: their face, hair, fingernails… The savage man is no longer fashionable and 2010 heralds a time when the clean, elegant, masculine and strong man is the perfect ideal. Thanks to the increasing offer of products, aesthetic treatments and massages, many men can not resist trying them. And the girls do not complain…

Metrosexual men

The Marlboro Man, the metrosexuals, the übersexual, etc: they all care about their appearance – much more than using just soap, shampoo and shaving cream. They are more flirtatious and they realize that dedicating just five minutesa day to their skin, it will thank them on the long term. Among the new products that have invaded the men’s bathroom, there are scrubs, conditioners, moisturizing cream, UV Sunscreen for lips, and body creams to name but a few. A completely renovated bathroom cabinet!

Currently, there are a series of beauty treatments; among the highlights are a dazzling volcanic mud facial mask, including a skin diagnosis, a facial cleansing, an exfoliation, a facial mask and a cream ending with a relaxing massage. Men do not have the same skin as women: their skin is 24% more greasy and abrupt, but more resistant and therefore ages later; it secretes a large amount of oil for hormonal reasons, intensifying the imperfections and the shines. The skin of the cheeks and neck tends to dehydrate and dry because they have to shave it. Age, fatigue, stress, pollution, unbalanced diets, health problems, doing no physical exercise, smoking and drinking alcohol are terrible for the skin.

For some people, male body care products can be quite amusing and even ridiculous, as they spend huge amounts of money in beauty products. Even some extremes can be a sign of beauty: as is the case of Richard Gere, instead of hiding his grey hair, he has dyed it white-gray and he is a sex symbol!

Take the example of George Clooney or James Bond: they are the epitome of the elegant, charming and spontaneous man. No matter if you’re a Latin lover, an alternative man, hard boy, a TV model, a mysterious guy, a business man, etc – there is an exciting male topology. We are sure you’ve been hypnotized by any new aesthetic or beauty product.

Now that you are more handsome than ever, take your partner to one of the most romantic destinations in Europe: Malaga, Pablo Picasso’s land but do not forget your beauty products! And for an unforgettable and sensual stay, rent apartments in Malaga, you will not regret it.

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