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Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships, are they sustainable?

Typically, love is associated with beautiful feelings such as hope, joy or excitement, but it’s not always rosy however much love or infatuation there is. This can be applied to the long distance relationships. Though it is true that when love is real, the distance should not be an obstacle, maintaining a constant interest and avoiding that one or both members of the couple suffer is very complicated.


Nowadays long distance relationships are on the increase thanks to the latest technologies. The chats have made it possible for people from opposite ends of the world fall in love and start a long distance relationship.

The major problems of long distance relationships appear to be mistrust, confrontation risk, possible infidelity, and so on. The lack of being close to one another can cause the relationship to cool off over time. Distrust is the worse. The fact of ignoring the everyday life of the other mate, not being part of his/her life and daily activities, can be a problem for the relationship. Also, the risk of a possible infidelity is much higher if we consider that everybody has physical and emotional needs that are not covered 100% by this type of relationship.

How does one solve these problems? Are the long distance relationships sustainable? The experts are categorical: yes, they are absolutely sustainable; the keys are good communication and mutual trust. If these two attributes are the foundation of any relationship, with distance in between they are more than indispensable.

To prevent the problems, define your terms in advance. This way you will settle and avoid many conflicts and confusions. Just define your expectations in advance. Surely, eventually, one of you will have to take the step in moving forward with the relationship. Surely, with time, one of the two will have to move to his/her lover’s city to continue with the relationship. Otherwise, it will just remain stagnant.

The key is to work on it. Do not let the relationship die: call them by phone, send letters or emails, talk via chat, use the web cam to see each other - today’s technologies make things easier! Flexibility is another important virtue to know how to cope with a distance relationship and since many couples have different schedules, it is difficult to communicate: she is from Israel, and he’s from the U.S., for example.

Try to enjoy every single moment that you spend together. Take the opportunity of any physical contact, because then you will miss it so much! What if you meet at a neutral city? The Portuguese capital is the perfect place! Rent Apartments in Lisbon and enjoy your time together. It will be unforgetta

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