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Being in love with two people

Is it possible to be in love with two people?

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While common sense tells us that it’s the opposite and morality and psychology do not totally agree on it either, every day thousands of people claim to be in love with several people at once. It seems that under certain circumstances, our heart (or rather our brain) opens up two parallel channels for exchanging passion and affect. When someone falls in love with two people at once he/she feels that both give him/her the same or similar effects. He loves and suffers in an equal measure for the two of them.

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But what do the experts have to say? According to a study led by the psychiatrist Peter Horvat, a member of the Argentinean Psychoanalyst Association (APA), “it is possible to be in love with two people at once (what is difficult is to keep hold of it)”. People who fall in love with a second person usually sees aspects that the first one does not have, hence he/she feels special feelings and sensations for both partners. Each one represents different things that do not cause conflicts. “The presence of one always denounces the lack of the other” says Horvat.

While double infatuation is feasible, the social and cultural barriers make it a stigma; this is something that is not well seen. It is in this moment when moral and guilty feelings arise, leading to a break-up in one of the two relationships.

It is necessary to emphasize that the man, as an animal, is polygamous (and he tends to have more than one mate throughout his life) simply due to the theory of the species conservation. The human being as an animal can not escape from the instincts of sexual behaviour. Moreover, man cannot escape from his cultural, rational behaviour and feelings, which are his instincts. Otherwise, we all would live naked running around the jungle and mating with everybody.

This means that while it is true that both women and men feel instinctively attracted to more people throughout their lives, they may simply choose one person (because of the imposed society patterns, except in some polygamous societies).

But, after all, if there is a feeling that knows no rules, standards or bonds, that’s got to be love. When it comes to love everything is possible! Are you in love? If so, pack your bags to go to one of the most romantic cities in Spain. The Andalusian capital will captivate your heart. Rent Apartments in Seville to find the best prices.

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