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Conceptual art

Posted by paris | paris | Wednesday 30 December 2009 4:48 pm

Conceptual art first emerged in the late 60s in response to freeing the concept of art from museums, galleries or any space or object where art is shown. Conceptual art takes the principles of the idea, not the object.


The artists of conceptual art don’t believe in art exhibitions in museums and neither have they believed in painting or sculptures. They think about going beyond the traditional art space or turning any objects into a work of art. So, the idea of art is more important than the object of the work.

The basis of this artistic movement can be found in the European Dadaist movement of the early twentieth century. Creator was Marcel Duchamp, who also invented the concept “ready-made”. A concept that is very difficult to define even for its creator and it’s based on a reaction to visual art.
The art “ready-made” is created in the mind of the artist and uses everyday objects which take the subjectivity of the artist to establish a new concept of art.

One of the most famous works was Duchamp’s urinal (see photo) which was sent to the Grand Central Gallery in New York in 1917 and was voted as the most influential work of modern art. Today this work continues to inspire thousands of artists and laying the foundations of modern art and putting the creative process that precedes the creation of the work.

Yves Klein revolutionized the French company when he exhibited his work called “Blue”. A patented colour (IKB: International Klein Blue), the extension of colour stretching to infinity in the words of a cosmic artist.

The English landscape artist Richard Long chose to revolutionize British art in England incorporating leaves, stems, stones and various materials in his work. In 1989 Richard Long won the Turner prize, one of the most prestigious competitions in modern art worldwide.

Many of these wonderful works of art are in the capital city of culture par excellence, Paris. So, if you want to take delight in them rent Paris apartments and enjoy the conceptual and avant-garde art.

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