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Marilyn Manson - The High End of Low Barcelona | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

What is the secret of becoming famous? The talk on the street! As long as magazines write about you and websites publish your photos, people talk about you. Whether it’s good or bad it doesn’t matter so much just as long as they talk. Marilyn Manson must have heard this phrase a thousand times before, because nobody causes as much controversy as he does. He comes to Barcelona on Friday 4th December, where he will perform at the Olympic Stadium and show the people what a good party really is.


For more then 15 years he’s been terrorizing the masses with his style, his songs and his controversial comments. But does that mean that he is a descendant of Satan and what’s more, a danger to our society? A lot of people criticize him, others adore him and some just ignore him because they think he is too extreme. Fact is that nothing he does goes unnoticed. “They can’t destroy me just because I have a different opinion’ he said in an interview with filmmaker Michael Moore.

This 4th of December he will be accompanied by Twiggy Ramirez, who used to be part of his old band. Together with Ginger Fish (drums), Tim Skold (guitar), Chris Vrenna (keyboard) and Rob Holliday (guitar) they will set Barcelona on fire.

Actually, what do you know about Marilyn Manson? His birth name is a lot less scary, since in real life he is called Brian Hugh Warner. For his stagename he was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, “to symbolize the dualism in the American society”. A lot of weird stories are going round, like he would have changed his eye for that of a cat or that he had some of his ribs removed in order to perform oral sex on himself! Is this true, or completely fake? Who knows!

His most valued album was Antichrist Superstar (1996). And did you know that Johnny Depp’s character ‘Willi Wonka’ (from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) was based on him?

Don’t let all the rumours blind you. Forget all of his tattoos, his metal teeth, his jewellery and that horrible eye, just enjoy the show! Because the music is all that really counts, right? And if you are a fan of his gothic style, make sure to visit Calle Tallers in the centre of Barcelona, where you’ll find some great little shops. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona for a cheap and comfortable stay.

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