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Edible Lingerie and Undies in Berlin | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

Does your life as a couple suffer much because of the daily routines? Would you like your sexual relations to be livelier or spicier? You need something that stimulates all your senses: sight, smell….and especially taste! You can surprise your partner with some original pieces of lingerie. But we’re not talking about the traditional black lace, sexy bras, or transparencies for girls or the ridiculous shorts with pictures for boys. Have you ever thought about taking off his/her underwear by eating it?


Taste is one of the five senses that humans develop very early in life and it plays an important role in the sexual sphere. So why not try to stimulate it further? There are many different types of edible underwear and not just sweet or candied either! Have you thought about the fact that someone has dared to create ham panties! And don’t think that these items are difficult to purchase. You only have to take a look at some Web sites and you’ll see that some providers offer you the possibility of ordering special sizes, too although in this case the price may increase a little. In this sector you’ll also find the prêt-à-porter and haute couture garments!

Take a look at the new models of bras; see if you can awaken your imagination. The most classic is the bra made of candy. If you choose those without sugar they can be a dietary choice so you’ll not have to worry about your figure. You also can choose the one made of chocolate – delicious! There is a type of candy for everyone: there is red candy lingerie, perfect for the lovers of the colour red, or more “traditional and serious” lingerie, made of black colours - made of blackberry jelly, for example. The bra can be bought already prepared and packed with gift wrap included. If you have some practice in cutting and sewing with a needle and thread it will be a child’s play to create candy lingerie according to your and your partner’s tastes.

The sweets or chocolates may be appropriate also in the creation of pants, shorts and tasty and original slips. Do you like the liquorice wheels? It also may be a great idea: they are a very special flavour for boxer shorts! There are also those with aromas of fruit and chocolate.

Would you like to taste new flavours? Why don’t you go to any amazing place to enjoy this new experience with your partner? The German capital is one of the most sensual and stimulating cities in Europe. Buy a ticket for both of you and rent the best Berlin apartments, it will be an unforgettable and tasteful experience!

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