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Losing your virginity – myths, truths and tips

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Losing ones virginity is an issue that has preoccupied generations of adolescents. And though numerous studies on sexuality have revealed that the way and the person with whom one loses their virginity will strongly influence their future sexual life, the first time shouldn’t be so important, as our sexual lives are very long.


Normally if the first sexual relationship (with penetration) is positive, in the future you will see sex as something natural, pleasant and healthy; however, if the first experience is a disaster, it is possible that it may be harder to open up to new experiences. But this does not mean you should confront it with fear and insecurity. To start, it is very important that you find the right person, the right place and right time. If you have any doubt, desist: you’re not prepared.

Sex can be rewarding if carried out in a responsible manner and with feeling. Today there are hundreds of sources where we can find information about it. Many community centres and schools organize sexuality workshops where they teach basic sexual rules: and what is the first rule? You should always use protection! The best contraception method is the condom because, in addition to preventing a possible pregnancy, it is the only one that protects us against sexually transmitted diseases. Without doubt, the condom is the most suitable contraception method for the first time.

Once you have finished having first-time sex, make sure everything is ok. If something happens or there have been problems, visit a doctor immediately. Maybe the girl will have to take the “morning-after pill” – but that should, under no circumstances be used as a regular method of contraception.

The majority of male teens are too impatient about having their first sexual experience; however, the girls are usually more fearful as they imagine the experience to be painful and bloody. But both, boys and girls should remember that the first time, as most first times are, is not the best experience. With time and practice, knowledge and the confidence the couple acquires, the sex gets much better.

And a tip for both partners: games, caresses, kissing… everything counts! Penetration should not be the only element of a sexual relation. If you have masturbated before, much better because you will know how your body will react! Show your partner how you like to be caressed and discover the passion together. And if all attempts have failed at reaching orgasm don’t get discouraged, because our nerves along with being inexperienced at sex can sometimes come back to haunt us. Seek a quiet and romantic place where nobody bothers you and enjoy each other, what better place than apartments in Malaga? So really the first time will become unforgettable!

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