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I Laugh, You Laugh, He Laughs

Hey, whether you are happy or not, please smile! Everyone knows that our daily lives are not always full of funny things and that we all have our own problems. For these reasons, you should laugh about 30 times a day, according to the experts. You will not only avoid a permanent serious mask on your face but you’ll enjoy both physical and mental welfare as laughter provides numerous advantages. Life is a tragicomedy in which you play the role of Dr. Humour, whose goal it is to spread the good energy of laughter to others… Let’s smile!


Around 400 muscles are activated when you laugh: so the torso, the shoulders, the arms, the abdomen, the diaphragm, the legs and stomach all get a little workout. When you laugh, you release endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline, a hormone of happiness that removes stress and tension. Laughing has a long list of advantages and it’s totally free, the best thing for this time of crisis! It is so rewarding to see how a baby smiles, or to make a woman laugh to seduce her.

The only negative sign of a laugh is found hidden in our dreams. If you dream that you are laughing, it may mean that something affects you. In fact, the laughter works as a type of escape valve and in our dreams it means that something negative is happening. If you suffer from insomnia, laughter will ease your dream. No matter if it’s fake, spontaneous, shy, sincere or sarcastic; its effects are so powerful that five minutes of giggling are equivalent to 45 minutes of exercise.

If you have to relearn how to laugh – over the years sometimes we lose that spontaneity, laughter therapy courses are a great option. These laughter groups try to awaken the happiness hormones through group exercises and games. It overcomes blockages and takes advantage of a few situations to make us laugh as if we were small children again. Rather than buying wrinkle cream, laugh a lot and try to smile all day long because it’s free, invigorating and rejuvenating.

The prefrontal area of the cerebral cortex is the most evolved and this is where the laughing area is found. According to the experts, it is where creativity along with our ability to think about the future and our morals are located.

Surely a nice weekend break or a relaxing holiday will put that smile back on your face! Go far away with your partner or your friends and forget your everyday worries. Let the good vibes invade your body! Rent apartments in Valencia, they are so comfortable and cheap that your face and your mood will be beaming with joy.

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