Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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We all make up the Inland Revenue

Do we all really make up the Inland Revenue or the IRS? They try to convince us about it, but most of us don’t agree. We all fear when April comes as we have to do our income tax returns. Those who pay low taxes will surely be hit hard in April and those who paid their taxes wait anxiously for the return of their money.


We all ask… Where does all this Money go to? The government says it goes to the schools, the universities, the hospitals and to improve the infrastructure of our cities! Then we notice that our children don’t have the right materials or books because the schools don’t have enough resources and the students complain because the government doesn’t give out enough grants. When you go to the dentist from your insurance cover he wants to take all your teeth out, trying to suck as much money as possible in the process. They have already dug the street up 5 times so far this year, why don’t they do all the work together to avoid digging up the street so many times?

The Treasury Department fined me for not declaring the 400 € of work I did for my cousin. Then, influential politicians defraud the local councils of billions of euros and they let them get off free: this is the case of the former mayor of Marbella, Spain Julián Muñoz. Also in Spain one of the two major parties (Partido Popular or PP) has been involved in money laundering and in numerous fraudulent bank operations…

So the Spanish people wonder… Is it worth to be legal and to pay my taxes? Is it worth trying to sneak a few euros here and there? Who controls all this? Why is the income tax so complicated? Do the rich people pay their taxes or is it just the poor ones who pay for everything? Is there a Robin Hood of the XXI century? Do ministers do their income tax or are they exempt from paying it?

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