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Who were you in a former life?

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Most religions believe in a possible reincarnation after death. This topic has always attracted people’s interest. Even atheists or agnostics reflect on this idea, maybe because of the fear towards death and the desire for enjoying the life and world forever. People just feel better believing in life after death. Nowadays there also exist different web pages that talk about this issue. Even the famous social network Facebook couldn’t escape from it and offers its users various personality tests, like for example “Who were you in your former life?” The results can sometimes be very surprising as well as demoralizing! Therefore, you could have been a stone, a dog or even a captain of a ship.


The term “reincarnation” stands for the transmigration of souls after death. That means that the spirit and soul of a dead person leaves its body and passes to another physical form. In ancient Egypt they already believed in reincarnation which is part of many different religions like Hinduism or Buddhism. The rebirth is also related to the so called “Karma”, hence the reincarnation is influenced by our behaviour and actions in our former life. If you behaved well, you will be a superior person in your second life, if not, you will be inferior. The aim is to reach the pure soul, so that a further reincarnation won’t be necessary anymore.

Although Christianity, Judaism and Islam don’t share the belief of reincarnation of humans, there have been many movements during history who did accept this idea. However it’s certainly known that the resurrection and not the reincarnation is the dogma of the catholic and orthodox church.

It seems that almost everyone, even those without religion, believes in another life. Furthermore, there are a lot of people that think they have already lived a certain situation before or déjà vu. Scientists and psychologists claim that we experience those senses due to brain activity, dreams and the innate imagination of human beings.

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