Monday, December 28, 2009

Typical French Clichés

Aaaaah, France! This is like a fairyland! Who does not want to go on holiday to Paris? When the foreigners come back from a trip to the French capital, they tend to speak very well of its monuments and its food, but the ideas of its citizens are variable. As with any other nationality, the French have a couple of recurring and funny clichés. Sure you know the first one: the French are like the Argentines, very pretentious. What else?


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? This is the typical question every foreigner asks when they arrive to France… Everybody knows the Moulin Rouge, French kissing (with the tongue) and the glamorous and romantic French language. France is known as the country of love. It is said that the French women are easy, romantic and elegant girls and that they wear sexy lingerie. What about the boys? People say they are good lovers.

It is known that the French language is charming and very difficult to learn for non-natives. The French language was born in the seventeenth century with a unique goal for the academics: it had to sound perfect, poetic and clean. Actually, it arouses admiration for its taste and sounds. But when a foreigner speaks French, it can sound much nicer, because he highlights those beautiful sounds and it sounds much more exciting. Speak French while you make love, surely your partner love it!

A dark side of the French people has to do with their behaviour. We often say that they are untouchable, too proud and a bit cold. The French Revolution is one of the most historic events mentioned by foreigners. It is often said that because of its historical past, France has more culture, and that they are more pretentious. Hence they are never satisfied with what they have and they are always ready to claim for what they think they deserve. They feel so comfortable with their language that they don’t bother to speak other ones. They have a reputation of speaking poor English, and of not being interested in other languages.

On a culinary level, they are associated with French Camembert cheese, snails, frog legs, pancakes, quiche, wine and French champagne. Another topic is that the French people are so chauvinistic of their gastronomy and they despise all others. But they don’t know what they’re missing, they are represented with a baguette, a beret and ham in their pocket. This is a very old but immortal image.

To see if these topics are true or not, why don’t you travel to Paris? It is even said that Paris is not France; in fact, the French people make a clear distinction between the capital and the province. The Parisians are extremely proud of their city and they feel they are the navel of the world.

Some people even say they smell bad, and not because they are fans of smelly cheese, but because they put perfume several times a day to cover up the lack of a bath or shower. Rent Paris Apartments and see all those French fantasies and topics.

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