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Sexual Myths and Legends

The 5 most notorious sex myths of all time

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Sexual myths and fallacies are still today pending subjects for many of us. These misconceptions are a clear reflection of the obscurantism and the lack of transparency with which even today certain aspects of human sexuality are dealt with: masturbation, the size and shape of the genitals, homosexuality and female sexuality…


Whether because of shame, lack of reliable information, an overload of information, plain ignorance or simply a lack of interest, in the 21st century we still hear things like these:

Myth 1 – Masturbation causes blindness: False
This myth is almost as old as mankind. Formerly it was thought that when a man masturbated, the loss of semen would provoke a decrease in vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the sight and therefore, in the long-term, he would become blind. Nowadays, it is more than proven that this myth is completely false and indeed ridiculous. Not only that, but it is proven to be very positive for the body.

Myth 2 – Size is very important: False
A big penis is not more effective when it comes to giving pleasure to a woman. Moreover, the vagina is sensitive only in the first 5cm and the clitoris is the main pleasure area for women. For the clitoral stimulation it is not necessary to have a super long male member. Indeed, the most sensitive area of the vagina is the G-spot, located about 4cm from the inlet, and an erect penis is always long enough to reach it. On the other hand, a vagina is about 12cm in a state of excitement, and a very large penis may cause discomfort. If she complains about her partner’s penis being too small, most likely the problem lies in the fact that her vagina has not developed enough muscle. Therefore it would be a good idea to try some sexual gymnastics to strengthen them.

Myth 3 – Height, race, nose, feet, hands or fingers indicate the size of the penis: False
All sexologists point out that there is no evidence to show that the size of the nose, the feet, the hands or the fingers indicate the size of the penis. This is not true. We have always said that black men have bigger penis and those of Asian origin have smaller ones, but no studies prove it.

Myth 4 – All women are multiorgasmic: False
A multiorgasmic woman is one who has the ability to have multiple orgasms whilst making love without having to pause. On the other hand, only 10 % of them affirm chaining several orgasms without a pause of a few minutes.

Myth 5 – The sexual pleasure is mitigated when a couple has spent many years together: False
It is not true that the sexual pleasure is lessened with the passing of time. What really happens is that with age, the nature of our desire changes. Many older couples say their relations are better now than during their adolescence. With good communication, the sexual pleasure may increase rather than decrease. Over the years, one has to learn how the body changes and indulge in new desires. Dedicating time, and patience, sexual relationships will, without doubt, be better than ever.

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