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Christmas Fairs in Berlin | Berlin blog

Mulled wine and waffles - Welcome to the Christmas fairs in Berlin

Finally it has arrived. We could say that the best month of the year has started: the time when we can stuff ourselves without getting a bad conscience, or when we can just relax for a few days and forget about all of our daily routines and problems. Finally it has arrived, the Christmas time! But you don’t have to wait until the 24th of December; you can already get into the right mood with the romantic and enchanting Christmas fairs in the spectacular German capital of Berlin. Hohohooo!


If the Germans can be proud of something then it will be because of their well-developed sense for a romantic Christmas time full of traditions and their love for the smallest of details. This special character is very unique in the world. German Christmas Fairs are famous in the entire world. That’s not surprising because who doesn’t like putting winter clothes on, strolling through a Christmas fair with friends, family or partner, holding their hands, smelling the sweet and tempting aromas of the Christmas food, hearing nice but, of course, a little bit kitschy music booming from the loudspeakers, and drinking some delicious mulled wine, which certainly also exists without alcohol, for warming yourself in the cold winter temperatures. Hearing all this, our heart starts beating faster, right? But drinking mulled wine isn’t very common in a lot of countries, so for example a Spaniard could be react very strangely at people heating up their wine. But each culture is different and celebrates Christmas with its own traditions and rituals. That’s exactly why we should love the cultural diversity.

Like every year, Berlin will pamper its citizens and visitors from all over Germany and the entire world with uncountable Christmas fairs spread out through the city. Berlin will be transformed once again into an authentic Christmas winter paradise. The most special thing is that all those fairs are celebrated at historical important places in the most spectacular of sceneries. So for example, until the beginning of January you have the possibility to stroll along the traditional Christmas fair next to the Gedächnitskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) where you can find more than 100 different stands with numerous ideas for Christmas presents such as decorations, toys or delicious almonds, and variations of mulled wine. Or what about some Christmas feeling in front of the Schloss Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Palace)? More than 250 international Christmas stands give the whole palace and the park area a very special atmosphere. Despite these culinary highlights, they will offer you special events and guided tours through the palace. At the Henriettenplatz am Kurfürstendamm you will find a historic craftwork Christmas fair where you can see the most creative creations of glassworks and ceramics etc. As well in the KPM Welt your eyes will be get illuminated, because in the antique porcelain factory of Berlin your belly will be get pampered with the most delicious pralines and Christmas cakes and of course, a cup of mulled wine shouldn’t be missed. The different amazing products of porcelain are another highlight of this fair. Other Christmas fairs you should visit are at the Gendarmenmarkt, Alexanderplatz or the fair in front of the Rotes Rathaus (Berlin’s townhall)

Everywhere you see, you find a little enchanting Christmas fair. This tradition dates back to the year 1529, when the first fairs were celebrated in the old town of Berlin. Of course, the character and style of the fair has changed during history, but it is still very authentic.

What? You still aren’t in the mood for Christmas? That has to be changed! Put on your winter clothes and discover Christmas time in Germany’s capital. Rent the best Berlin apartments and enjoy economic and comfortable accommodation.

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