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Being gay without being gay | rome blog

Being gay without being gay

December 15, 2009 By: romeblogger Category: Rome

People say that being gay is fashionable. But is it possible that ones sexual orientation may just be a fad? It seems that the sexual openness and tolerance is increasing in our society. In most developed countries being gay is no longer a major problem. Many people, especially the young ones, come out of the closet without complexes or subterfuge. But what about the people who practice homosexual sex and declare themselves as straight? On the one hand, bisexuality is a trend that has increasingly gained new adherents. The sexual desire and the fact of fulfilling ones own sexual fantasies means that gay sex practices have become more frequent among non homosexuals.

Orgies, threesomes, swinging: anything is possible! Straight people are tired of boring sexual practices. Today, many women report having practiced homosexual sex or feeling attracted to other women, without being lesbians. It is not the same with the men, who don’t want to recognize that they would practice these kinds of sexual games if they had the opportunity.

The swingers clubs are an ideal place for having sex with persons of your same sex without feeling the social pressures. Here anything is permitted; including watching how your partner enjoys having sex with another man or woman while you stimulate yourself alone or with another person, regardless if he or she is male or female.

We all can give and receive equal pleasure from both genders. Because, if you think about it, who will better understand the benefits of our body than a person of our own sex? Many people, after having practiced gay sex for the first time are so pleasantly surprised that they want to repeat the experience. This is not incompatible with a straight life or with a straight couple. Just open your mind a bit and be led by your carnal instincts. If your partner is as tolerant as you, he or she will explore new worlds.

What about the orgies or the threesomes? It’s an exchange of pleasure where everyone gives and receives. Forget your complexes and your prejudices! Unleash your sexual appetite in the Italian capital of Rome. Rent apartments in Rome and give free rein to your imagination. There is a world of possibilities open to you!

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