Thursday, December 3, 2009

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Our Feet Can Reveal Hidden Truths About Us

Do you remember the first day of your life ? What a silly question… But it can be very useful to know what kind of energy surrounded you when you were inside your mother’s belly. Those 9 months are the basis of a fantastic new therapy, called ‘Metamorphe Massage’. Are you sure you know your body inside out ? From the nails of your toes to your longest hair ? Don’t be too sure about that, because during a session of prenatal massage, you learn a lot about yourself and your energy flow is restored. It consists of a soft and intuitive touch of your head, hands and feet. It reveals who we are, not only our memories but also our possibilities.


People are not exactly fond of feet, and even less the feet of someone else. But did you know that, just like hand reading you can also read feet ? An extremely curved foot indicates a restless soul, an adventurer. And if the sole of your foot is very flat, you’re a down-to-earth person. These are not just simplistic conclusions, we must also take into account the position of the toes, the nails, calluses and corns, the skin and blood circulation etc.

‘It is really spectacular, after the massage my energy levels were higher than ever before and I obtain peace and harmany with my body. I advise everyone to try it, the price is almost ridiculously low. Many thanks to the professional who helped us’ commented a fan on a Spanish forum. Are you curious yet? Try it yourself ! With this therapy you can find out how those 9 months in the uterus have influenced you, and made you into the person you are today. This can even happen while you sleep, without making physical contact with the body.

The metamorphic technique has its origin in the United States in the 60s, and came to Europe in the 70s and is still evolving today. Formerly it was called the “Prenatal Structure“, but since it has undergone significant changes over the years, the inventor himself, Robert St. John, insisted on the use of the new term ‘Metamorphic Massage’. Depending on your condition and your needs, you will find peace, serenity, innocence and love, and because the energy paths are cleared you are more resistant to diseases and you generally feel better.

Would you like to be in perfect harmony with your body? Cleanse your body and your mind. You can share this incredible experience with your friends or partner so why not take a trip to Budapest, the world capital of spas and resorts. Rent the best apartments in Budapest and experience the first day of your life again.

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