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Tights Are Back in Fashion Girls

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Whether you wear them, you look at them or you want to take them off seductively, any reason is good to wear tights! Tights can be sophisticated, glamorous, with graphics, stripes or electric blue. This winter, let tights metamorphose your legs. They are also ideal for protection from the cold and show off all your femininity. Your partner will love your new purchase! Hide to show, you know how to do it girls!

Today you can see all kinds of tights, of all colours and patterns that girls and women of all ages wear, with or without heels, with a skirt or a dress, or under the trousers when it’s very cold. But it was not always like that. The origin of tights goes back to medieval Roman time, when it was a male garment. The “calceus” served to protect the soldiers in combat against the cold.


The story takes a twist when, in 1938, the U.S. company DuPont announced the creation of a revolutionary synthetic yarn: nylon. The intense publicity campaign launched by nylon tights made hundreds of women queue up outside the U.S. warehouse to buy some. In 1945, the tights produced in North America began to export to Europe and its use expanded around the whole world.

First there was silk and then nylon but nowadays tights have been reinvented for the pleasure of your legs. To prefer simplicity is always better, remember, “less is more”. If you’ve never worn red tights, lace tights, now is the time! There are of many colours, thicknesses and designs, but each pair has to be used for a special occasion. Take the sexiest one for a first date or a special surprise, the tattoo tights for simulating an urban original style, and the most colourful for a night at a bar.

If your legs deserve the best, you can also try wearing erotic tights To alleviate the crisis, why not return to the punk style with laddered or ripped tights, but do it right and discreet so you do not look like you’re going to the carnival or to a sadomasochistic party. Bending down or crossing your legs with style will be your favourite pastime this winter.

To find the most glamorous tights, there is nothing better than going to one of the capitals of European fashion: Rome. Invite your partner and book Apartments in Rome, an ideal place to show your new tights off to the eternal city!

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