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What to give for Christmas?

It’s time to turn your brain on to choose Christmas gifts! You don’t know whether to give something functional, beautiful, classic, funny or original. Don’t worry; here are some clues for some cool ideas to make your shopping a pleasure instead of a nightmare. And if you’re too lazy to fight it out with the myriads of hungry Christmas shoppers, you can stay at home and buy everything online. With a dose of imagination, patience and love, your friends and family will love your surprises.


Some people have the gift of giving incredible and original presents: “What a great idea! You know me so well! You always guess what I need!” And there are others who always fail with their gift ideas! It is not so easy to choose a good gift! Here are some very original ideas that do not require being a millionaire, just a bit creative…so take notes!

How about a relaxing massage gift, a  bottle of champagne, a Spaghetti gauge or a Bonsai? Stranger gifts are the anti-seasickness wristband, the key locator, the skin analyzer or a traffic light to avoid crashing every time you park in your garage.

For the travellers, a universal adapter is a great idea. For wine lovers, the open magnetic bottles will be very helpful. It is also possible to name a star or give a cup that changes its colour when you drink tea or coffee. A special meal, a CD, a pillow or a shirt with a printed photo are also some good ideas. There are even special gifts for each zodiac sign.

If you can avoid the classics such as perfume, books or socks, even better! But there are no rules, so if you can find the perfect gift, even a classic one can be a success. The secret lies in knowing how to choose something according to the person we have in mind.

If you don’t have enough money to give something to all your family, but you are a creative person, you can prepare or make something yourself, with your hands and your imagination. During your family holidays, you can take some pictures and send them a small album. They will surely love it.

For lovers, a bag full of kisses and hugs will be enough! Maybe the perfect gift is something you can both take advantage of such as erotic underware, a massage or a trip. What counts is our good intention!

Spending a few days in a European capital is original and unforgettable. Lisbon is a very romantic destination, surrounded by nature. For an incredible Christmas, have an incredible stay in the best apartments in Lisbon, the last days of 2009 will be just perfect.

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