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Getting married at 20 - a happy ending?

Posted by seville | seville | Thursday 17 December 2009 11:20 am

Does age really matter when you get married? Why are we surprised when a girl of 22 wants to marry a boy of 35 who she has only known a year? It is often said that what really matters is real love and honesty with oneself, but it seems that marriage is something very serious: some people see the wedding as the final trial that will take you to hell or to paradise. So, why do the people get married?


At age of 20, the most natural thing that people want to do is have fun, to experience new things, to travel, to study, to have the dream job, to make a lot of money, and so on. Some may even want to get married and, why not? Normally, at this age most people still don’t have a job, money and their own home. Love is what justifies it and moves the world. Would it be then be crazy or even suicide?

People often say that marriage is not a game and that young people have no idea of what they are doing when they want to marry so soon. But then again, love doesn’t understand about ages. Is marriage synonymous with tying down oneself for life? Once the ring is on the finger, are you imprisoned? No! You are as free as when you were single!

What can be dangerous is to have doubts, or to feel an attraction for another person. If getting marriage is such an important decision, it’s best to be 100% sure because it can cause great harm to both if it all goes wrong. The marriage goes beyond the white dress, the party, the new washing machine and the great sex. Have you seen the movie Match Point by Woody Allen? Are you thinking about getting married? If you’re young and you have doubts, think twice!

People get married because they love each other, because she is pregnant, because they are afraid of being alone, because he has no legal documents and believes that marriage will solve everything… there are so many reasons!

As you know there is no silver bullet, you have to find the right situation and the experience and feelings will help you to find that although youth is not always synonymous with inexperience. One must act in accordance with oneself. When is one ready for being in love? The only good advice is that you have to be honest with yourself.

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