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How would our life be without the most beautiful thing of the world, love? Well, it would be very sad and boring. Each one of us has surely had this special feeling of butterflies in the stomach; suddenly your legs are shaking and you can’t avoid this silly look you have on your face, neither can you stop looking or staring at this fascinating person who has just come through the door. As you can see, love at the first sight can really stream through your body within seconds. How is it possible to fall in love so fast with someone whose character we don’t even really know? Love at first sight: utopia or reality?


But where does this feeling of ‘that’s the right one’ come from? How can we be so sure about having found the great love of our life? Or was it really Cupid’s love arrows? In this case, scientists don’t spoil our romanticism and support our theory with studies and analysis. Relationship therapists have confirmed that you only need three minutes for assessing the other unknown person you are dating. And who can we thank for enjoying this good feeling? It’s all down to our brain. It makes millions of decisions at an incredible high velocity, so that we don’t notice the extensive decision-making process and just enjoy the useful results. Sounds quite practical, doesn’t it?

This useful instrument, which helps us falling in love with someone, has also a specific scientifically determination: adaptive unconscious. In his book “Blink- The Power of Thinking without Thinking”, Malcolm Gladwell describes the adaptive unconscious as a gigantic computer which processes a huge amount of information in a very fast and mysterious way. Hence it’s impossible for us to process all this information on our own, we leave this job to our brain and enjoy the well elaborated results.

In the first moments of knowing each other, our brain scans numerous important factors of the other person: eyes, lips, eyebrows, smile, body form, gestures and facial expression to name but a few. It seems like a complicated system which connects certain characteristics with specific positive or negative associations. The sense of smell plays an important role as well, since the pheromones and aromas give us mysterious information about the real character of our date.

However, in this aspect scientists have very different opinions. Therefore other investigators claim that love at first sight is only about egoism and sex. Not only physical aspects are important, but social attractions like a friendly smile, openness and visual contact also play a big part.

Whether scientifically proven or not, having butterflies in the stomach is just the most beautiful thing which can happen to you. Are you in love with someone or are you still searching for the love of your life? What about spending some romantic days in the city of love? Rent the best apartments in Paris and enjoy some relaxing holidays in one of the most enchanting European capitals.

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