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The single life - a 21st Century Plague? | Travel blog Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid

In Europe divorces are becoming more and more recurrent. The marriages last less years and people marry later: since 1960 the marriage rate has dropped from 7.8 to 5.9 marriages per 1,000 inhabitants, and the average age for marriage has risen from 25 years in men and 23 women, to 27 and 25 respectively. To make matters worse, the out of wedlock births have multiplied… So, what? It’s clear! The single life is more fashionable than ever.


Are the old social values breaking up? Nowadays, most of the people in their thirties, after having married for the first time, are getting thrown back to the pool of the single people again. It seems that married life is not made for the XXI century, where celibacy has become a more contagious virus than the famous swine flu.

Nowadays people’s objectives and goals have changed. One’s own self is the most important thing. But what’s so strange? A person who is over thirty years of age usually has economic stability, a steady job, independence… Suddenly, he is married, with serious responsibilities and children and he see his possible future, at least, black, boring and monotonous. That’s why couples do not last. The patience and the obligations have vanished, and nobody is willing to stand his or her partner for their entire life.

If we think it carefully, people are not halves, but whole beings, so we do not need a couple to be happy. Single people can enjoy a tremendous sense of freedom: they direct their lives as they wish and they can understand and pamper better themselves. In addition, they can enjoy an uninhibited sexual life with as many people as they want. Where are the limits? They choose them!

If you are someone who can not live the life of a single, remember that things like enjoying the whole bed to yourself, crying over Bambi, leaving the toilet seat up, wearing cucumber masks or wearing the slippers of your great-grandfather without people laughing at you is absolutely priceless!

Self-pity is not valid for the modern times, and single people no longer feel that they are worth less than the couples. Quite the opposite! Who has ever thought: “If I were single…” The desperate search of a partner is no longer an obsession, although some people still can not live without a mate. The new single people are rediscovering themselves and find in their marital status the perfect situation to expand their horizons: new habits, new friends and a new life! Anything goes! A singles trip can not be absent from all these activities. The Spanish capital is the perfect place to enjoy your single life. Rent Madrid Apartments and celebrate your independence with the best accommodation!

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