Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tips on stopping smoking

How to Stop Smoking

“U.S.” are two letters that Zeno Cosini wrote constantly – the main character of “La coscienza di Zeno“, an Italian novel by the Italian writer Svevo. What does U.S. mean exactly? Translated from Italian, “Último Cigarrillo” or the last cigarette, Zeno Cosini lied to himself with the belief that the cigarette he was about to smoke would really be the last one. Do you want to be like Zeno or do you definitely want to stop this habit?


Today, the pharmaceutical science can help us to give up smoking. Obviously it depends on how much you used to smoke. If you smoke more than a pack per day it will be a little more difficult. And if you have smokers around you it will also be more complicated. But maybe you can convince your partner or one of your friends to give up smoking together because you can derive more strength in numbers.

It would be helpful if you analyze which are the reasons for smoking and then analyzing the benefits you could have if you stop. Everyone knows that smoking is a very unhealthy addiction and it increases the chances of getting cancer, cardiovascular problems and premature aging of the skin. The Bodies exhibition, which attracted so much controversy and made us see in detail the human body, also showed us how the lungs of a smoker are.

It seems that all these negative thoughts and clear evidence about how bad the smoke is, are useless if the pleasure of smoking cigarettes is such that without them you think your life would not be the same. Therefore, why not try to think about how not smoking could further improve your life and what other new pleasures you could try. It may seem absurd, but the first advantage is being able to breathe easier and reduce the complications of a simple cough and if you practice a sport, you’ll improve your performance and get fit at the same time. What about your breath? You can forget the embarrassment of bad breath and save on chewing gum. Do you like a white or a yellowish smile? You’ll also save a lot of money by not smoking!

There are several techniques to help you stop smoking: nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gums, even hypnosis! But it should all be a gradual process. The best thing is to consult an expert that can help you to stop your addiction. You should also dedicate some time to do some activities that can distract you and that are not linked to the ritual of smoking. Go for a walk every day! In the mid-morning break look through a magazine instead of smoking. And it is better to go to the cinema than to go partying.

It goes without saying that a change in your everyday life would also be a very good idea. Why don’t you go for a trip? Budapest is the perfect city. It is famous for its spas and thermal baths. For a relaxing vacation, rent Apartments in Budapest and leave your cigarettes at home.

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