We live in a society of the rush-hour, stress and urgency. Unfortunately, we have moved towards this way in all aspects of our daily life, including sex. Therefore, opposite trends have arisen against this daily and unnatural way of life and the Eastern philosophies such as yoga, meditation or tantra, all applied to sex, are the counterpart and an inflexion point to this hectic world in which we live in.


In Western society, both sex and love are two elements with clear expectations and with specific purposes: to fill empty lives for example. If you love, you’re happy. Regarding Tantric Sex, love is the manifestation of a presence and an overflowing state of energy. In our culture, oriented to specific assets, obtaining orgasm is the main purpose of sex. On the other hand, in the Tantra, the (masculine) orgasm is nothing more than a useless and unnecessary loss of energy. If you want to discover the Eastern philosophies and forget the Western chaos, put aside the conventional sex, their patterns and behaviours and join the tantra.

The Tantra subtracts any importance from the male orgasm and centres it on the female pleasure and in her orgasm. Tantra comes from the Sanskrit and means “expansion and freedom”. Thus, this practice is characterized by carrying the five senses to the limit, for gaining maximum pleasure between both partners.

It is very important that the man does not ejaculate, or at least that he does not for approximately 15 sexual acts in order to increase the sexual pleasure for both.

Thanks to the Tantra the man learns to reach the orgasm without ejaculating, so the energy is not wasted. This kind of sex is based on long and very relaxed encounters: there is no hurry or desire to complete. On the other hand, it does not see the women as a mere “sex pot”, but as an energy receiver.

Above all it seeks the quality, not the quantity. The purists assure it is not convenient to have sex more than once a month so as to accumulate erotic energy. Meditation and breathing are key elements. Sitting opposite each other, one exhales while the other inhales (with the idea of breathing in the air of the other person). Empty your mind and just relax. Caresses and massage your partner, but don’t touch the private parts such as the breasts or the genitals. After a while, make a break and start again. Lying in the bed, always opposite each other, kiss one each other, not letting your bodies touch. Then you can then proceed to touch the genitals, but always gently and then, go to penetration, which is never the final act but just another step. This must be static at first and then you can move: it should last about 30 minutes. Remember to try and maintain the sexual tension. If the man feels he is going to ejaculate, he must stop, relax, breathe and start once again with the exercises.

In Tantra it is very important to focus on each step and enjoy them in a relaxed way. Initially, it is a bit difficult to concentrate and to avoid achieving an orgasm, but with time you will learn how to do it. Would you like to discover all the secrets of tantra? Rent Apartments in Marrakech and dive into the tantra world!