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Sex and drugs, cool or your death sentence? | Milan Shopping and Events

Sex and drugs – a cool lifestyle or your death sentence?

Posted by milanblogger | milan | Thursday 10 December 2009 11:25 am

Just about everyone has tried some kind of drugs in their life. Consuming drugs at the weekends, or even taking some drugs at home every day has unfortunately become something very normal. Although drugs can help you to loose shyness and fear and feel free at parties regarding sexual behaviour, they have a real negative influence. Also, the stimulating effects of drugs have their limits and each kind of drug abuse can put you straight on the highway to hell. So, be aware of that!


Marihuana, cocaine, hashish, amphetamines, heroin, ecstasy, alcohol…the list of different types of drugs is already known, but not so the negative effects they have on our sex life. First you smoke a joint and have a beer in a relaxing atmosphere at home, then you go for some drinks with your friends in a pub and later you’ll end up in a club or a discotheque. Although you almost can’t keep your eyes open, your whole body is moving on at a continuous pace without stopping and you find yourself in a kind of trance, just like sex. True or false?

Whether for your nervous system or your libido, excessive drug-taking is just unhealthy. A lot of people think that drugs have similar effects like aphrodisiacs but, in contrast to chocolate and ginger, drugs leave noticeable traces in your body. The negative effects on the long term or in the case of drug addiction are very extensive, starting with sexual appetence to problems of having an orgasm or getting an erection. Furthermore, due to losing our inhibitions, the danger of sexually transmitted diseases rises constantly. You always should be in your right mind and use your head. Losing control of yourself through drugs will be your own death sentence. Do you really want to stink of beer, have red pot-smoker eyes or just be dumb because of too much of hashish?

“Take the best orgasm you’ve ever had… multiply it by a thousand, and you’re still nowhere near it.” says the main actor in Trainspotting. For getting into a state of trance, it isn’t necessary to take unnatural and unhealthy drugs. Everyone is undoubtedly more seductive and irresistible without the use of drugs. Passion, erection and orgasm can be your best friend: discover your own body and that of your partner. It would be very sad if you were not able to enjoy an erotic paradise without taking drugs, wouldn’t it?

Most people try drugs for the first time just because they are curious. The most important thing is to know how to keep control and don’t fall into excessive drug-taking. However, nothing substitutes good sex, am I right or am I right?

If you want to improve your sex-life a little bit, what about a passionate chocolate fondue, striptease, tantric sex or romantic holidays with your partner? Of course, there is no more sensual destiny other than Italy. The country of ‘Ti voglio bene’ (I really like you) doesn’t only sound tempting, but it can also pamper you with an incredible state of trance. Rent the economic and comfortable apartments in Milan and discover its erotic secrets.

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